Rules for Contributors

The JenkinsAPI project welcomes contributions via GitHub. Please bear in mind the following guidelines when preparing your pull-request.

Python compatibility

The project currently targets Python 2.6 and Python 2.7. Support for Python 3.x will be introduced soon. Please do not add any features which will break our supported Python 2.x versions or make it harder for us to migrate to Python 3.x

Test Driven Development

Please do not submit pull requests without tests. That’s really important. Our project is all about test-driven development. It would be embarrasing if our project failed because of a lack of tests!

You might want to follow a typical test driven development cycle:

Put simply: Write your tests first and only implement features required to make your tests pass. Do not let your implementation get ahead of your tests.

Features implemented without tests will be removed. Unmaintained features (which break because of changes in Jenkins) will also be removed.

Check the CI status before comitting

We have a Travis CI account - please verify that your branch works before making a pull request.

Any problems?

If you are stuck on something, please post to the issue tracker. Do not contact the developers directly.