Artifacts can be used to represent data created as a side-effect of running a Jenkins build.

Artifacts are files which are associated with a single build. A build can have any number of artifacts associated with it.

This module provides a class called Artifact which allows you to download objects from the server and also access them as a stream.

class jenkinsapi.artifact.Artifact(filename, url, build, relative_path=None)

Represents a single Jenkins artifact, usually some kind of file generated as a by-product of executing a Jenkins build.


Grab the text of the artifact

save(fspath, strict_validation=False)

Save the artifact to an explicit path. The containing directory must exist. Returns a reference to the file which has just been writen to.

Parameters:fspath – full pathname including the filename, str
save_to_dir(dirpath, strict_validation=False)

Save the artifact to a folder. The containing directory must exist, but use the artifact’s default filename.